The Umbrella Cockatoo

It was 1976 when I first saw the species. In the quarantine of George Kroesen there were hundreds. The birds congregated in the farthest corner, each trying to hide.

Cockatoos in Aviculture

My avicultural career spans more than four decades. During this time, I have kept and bred a huge array of species, many of which have disappeared from aviculture or have always been very rare.

Brotogeris: small bundles of joy

The Guaraní Indian word for parakeets of the genus Brotogeris is tuí. In Psittaculture I used this name to describe the group as a whole, as the generic “South American parakeets” could be applied to many species in multiple genera.

Breeding Cockatoos

As I grasped the bird to place it in the shipping crate, my little finger felt a bulge. I looked closer and my heart sank.


The conures range from being very easily bred to very difficult to breed.

Yellow-shouldered Amazons

I was a young and inexperienced aviculturist when I first met Ramon Noegel. For decades Noegel the doyen of Amazon parrot breeders worldwide.

Feeding Your Parrot

Aviculturists in the West learned long ago that diet is key to health and success. One cannot feed just sunflower seeds or peanuts and expect the birds to remain healthy.