Bird Breeding

The breeders wanted to know what species I recommended that was easily bred, required little care and would make them money. My first thought was a wooden parrot carving: it would require no care, cleaning or feeding, could never become ill and would always be beautiful..

Birdkeeping Under Attack

Bird keeping is under attack and some would want aviculture banned. This end would make them feel accomplished; the birds, in their utopian mind, would be saved.

Parrot Rescue

Some time back, a person who could no longer own her Goffin´s Cockatoo approached me. She was looking for a home for her bird.

Breeding Questions

Each day without failure I receive at least one email asking the same question: “Sir could you provide some tips for breeding.”

The Umbrella Cockatoo

It was 1976 when I first saw the species. In the quarantine of George Kroesen there were hundreds. The birds congregated in the farthest corner, each trying to hide.

Cockatoos in Aviculture

My avicultural career spans more than four decades. During this time, I have kept and bred a huge array of species, many of which have disappeared from aviculture or have always been very rare.

F.A.Q. About Breeding

During the past few months, I set aside several of the questions that I received via Facebook.

Musings about Parrots

Aviculture has evolved fairly rapidly in the past decades. This is evident everywhere I travel and across every facet of the hobby, but especially when it concerns breeding.