Enrichment: challenging the captive parrot with natural forage and foods

When I decided I would open a facility for parrots in South Florida, I imagined a jungle where trees native to the species’ habitat could be grown. This was the start of the process.
We built cement walkways to facilitate servicing the birds.
Enrichment is a key to keeping parrots mentally challenged. This is one of my Solomon Island Eclectus feeding on the seeds of a palm, which I provide for enrichment. The birds eat and chew the seeds much like they wo
Aviculturists can help save a species from extinction. In this selfie, I am with Daniel Gowland of Australia, whose work with the extremely endangered Orange-bellied Parrot is helping keep the species from extinction, and Simon Degenhart publisher of Australian AviaryLife, a fantastic magazine for the aviculturist.
After several years of effort, the farm is finally starting to look like the jungle I had envisioned.
The birds are surrounded by foliage.
Hygiene is key to proper husbandry. I am fanatical about keeping everything clean.
Poor water quality contributes to morbidity and mortality. This is why we employ an elaborate filtration and disinfection system, so that the water the birds receive at the farm is clean.