Education is the cornerstone of conservation and aviculture

To become a good aviculturists, I have often stated you must understand the role birds play in the ecosystem and have at least a basic knowledge of the wild habits of the species you keep. What I have learned during decades of observing parrots in the wild and keeping them in captivity I have always freely shared. My objective has always been to instill my passion in others. This started with my son, Derian, who grew up with parrots and has continued to date with lectures at schools, nursing homes and special events. The birds I take with me often give kids and adults their first intimate contact with a parrot. I also have educational events at the house, where families are encouraged to interact with wildlife. For the aviculturist, I often lecture, sharing my experiences and findings accumulated during more than 40 years’ as an aviculturist. When time permits, I visit collections and offer advice on how to improve the care given to the birds. My goal has always been to share my knowledge in every forum that is available.

My son Derian with Scarlet a female Solomon Island Eclectus Eclectus roratus solomonensis.
My son Derian with Scarlet a female Solomon Island Eclectus Eclectus roratus solomonensis.

D8With the publisher (Jan Sojka, right) and the translator (Lubomír Tomiška) of the Czech edition of my book, Psittaculture.

D7Me lecturing in the Czech Republic. I share what I know freely.

E3With Miguel Angel Gomez Garza, the author of the definitive work on the parrots of Mexico, and Dr Adam Urantowka of Poland, the leading parrot geneticist in the world.

E2With some of the great people that have worked or remain a part of Loro Parque, including Inge Feier, Arantxa Artal and Rafael Zamora Padron.

A6When I travel, I freely share my experience. This this case I am reviewing diet with Sahil and Zahra Ismael during a visit to their collection in India.

A4There is a fantastic parrot park in the Czech Republic. The owners honored me with a plaque by the entrance highlighting my avicultural career.