The Cuban Amazon

I watched the bird in amazement. It would walk across a clothes line in an enclosed porch, chattering, lunging and moving, its tail open. I was probably 7 years old.

Feeding Your Parrot

Aviculturists in the West learned long ago that diet is key to health and success. One cannot feed just sunflower seeds or peanuts and expect the birds to remain healthy.

What to know when obtaining a pet parrot

When pet ownership is understood, a tremendous amount of enjoyment can be mutually derived: the bird will look forward to your company and you will look forward to seeing the bird.

Amazons !

Amazon parrots range from the easy to the difficult to breed.

The African Grey Parrot

No matter if one is in the Middle East or South America, Europe or the US, the first bird at the top on everyone´s list for the best “talker” is the African Grey.